Mamusu Khallon

"Nurturing talent from every source"


Reality Management is a new agency with a fresh forward thinking approach to the industry. An agency that supports the campaign for better representation across all facets of live and recorded entertainment. We strongly encourage diversity in the belief that it will help to create a truer representation of our society. By representing clients from an array of backgrounds with varied appearances, talents and skill set we can help bridge the gap between the wealthy and the non wealthy and other minority groups including those with disabilities. 

"We mentor and guide our clients"


Reality Management provide the service of finding work within the performing arts sector for Actors, musicians, singers, dancers, background artists, extras, walk-on or other performers, negotiating fees and contracts on the clients’ behalf. The areas in which we are unique are rooted in how we mentor and guide our clients. We encouraging their growth and development through advice and gudiance regarding everything from further training to career outlook, audition etiquette and at times offering financial assistance for training. 

We really do pride ourselves on our high level of support, and professional advice that always has the clients' best interest at heart. We are very selective about the clients we take on. Personality,discipline and moral aptitude are taken into consideration. Creting value and Art is at the core of our establishment. 


Our Clients are entered into The Spotlight Directory, a leading internet based casting website service that is trusted and held in extremely high regard.


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