"Finally, voices that are not often heard can share stories that are not always told"




This Agency was founded by Cleopatra Joseph when she realised she was surrounded by hugely talented friends and acquaintances who couldn't seem to get a look in when it came to approaching the industry as a career choice.

Reality management want to show our talented clients that they deserve to exist within the future of entertainment.

The performing arts should be accessible to and created by everyone irrespective of their race, social statification, sexual orientation, disability or otherwise. Reality Management is an agency that supports the campaign for better representation across all facets of live and recorded entertainment. 


We strongly encourage diversity by targeting, but are not exclusive to representing those who have come from a poor/non wealthy background, BAME, LGBT communities or those with a disability in order to have a portfolio of clients  that more accurately mirrors our society. We believe our clients will help in furthering the process of creating an industry more fair, contemporary and resonant of all that is London and the uk today. Finally, voices that are not often heard can share stories that are not always told. 


We pride ourselves on our high level of support, and professional advice given to clients that always has their best interest at heart and is for the betterment of the arts.